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An Autumn Tea

Last Friday we attended a tea party hosted by the S. family. Take a look at our lovely afternoon…

The Menu


Roasted Carrot Soup


Fruit Salad

Chicken Beggar’s Purses


Chocolate Trifle

Date Triangles


Pumpkin Kolaches

For lunch our hostesses served Roasted Carrot Soup, garnished with scallops, bacon and sour cream.

The U. family brought Cucumber sandwiches. We provided Spiral sandwiches and Turkey Cranberry sandwiches.

The K. family made Five Ingredient Salad. This is my favorite fruit salad recipe – I’ll have to give you the recipe some time…

Our hostesses also served Chicken Beggar’s Purses – chicken filling inside a won ton wrapper, fried in a thin layer of oil.

After chatting and allowing the food from lunch to “settle”, we had tea.


Along with our tea we had four desserts: (clockwise from top left) Chocolate Trifle, Date Triangles, Sandies and Pumpkin Kolaches.

Thank-you to the S. family for hosting such a delightful tea party.

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